My Cigar Chair is the most comfortable and luxurious cigar chair ever made for the cigar Aficionado or cigar enthusiast.  My Cigar Chair is inspired by the gentlemen's lounge of the 1800’s. He has been in business for fifty years, specializing in designing and creating this upscale restaurant, bar and lounge furniture.

My Cigar Chair is unmatched in comfort. It is ergonomically designed for ideal body alignment. You can order it custom built to fit your body best and have your own private label or name embroidered on it. You can even choose the particular wood veneers and your desired top grain leather. Eat drink, smoke cigars, work on your laptop, and watch sports or movies while relaxing in the Cigar Chair. It's sophisticated and elegant look is uniquely extravagant!

My Cigar Chair includes choice of a Spanish cedar humidor, for storage of 20 cigars, ash tray, drink holder and a metal foot rest. It reclines back from 90 degrees to 35 degrees and is adjustable to any desired angle of recline in between. Options include electric foot lift, a tall back, decorative nails, and more. Sizes are 20inches, 26 inches and 30 inches in height, from the ground.

The leather used in this collection is a top grain, handcrafted leather. The frames are made out of real wood such as oak, cherry, and maple for indoor use and teak for outdoor use.  The cushions are stuffed with down. Each piece is finished on its frame, beautifully and individually handcrafted. The veneers also vary to match the frame and the leather. They can have a clear glaze such as those used in collectible exotic automobiles. Decorative nails adorn the chairs.

Samples of color swatches can be sent to you to match the surrounding space where you plan to place the Cigar Chair. Color options include black, blue, brown, walnut, cream, chocolate, Boudreaux, brown, sangria, Aztec, caramel, henna, chestnut, cognac, espresso, and more.  Available in bonded leather and two levels of upgraded Italian Leather.

  • Superior Design (fusion of Classic and modern look)
  • Well made, custome built individually, made to order)
  • Made in USA
  • Ergonomically superior(for total body allignment)
  • Aestetically pleasing, Elegant, and Extravigant
  • Impressive Ingenuity Design
  • Skillful artistic craftmenship of details
  • Diverse Functionality for smoking, drinking, eating, R and R, watching sports/movies, and/or working on Lap top and char ging your Droid or I-Phone.
  • Sizes: 20 inch, 26 inch , and 30 inch
  • Location of Use:
    • Indoor, made of Cherry or Maple
    • Outdoor: Teak (Golen Teak, Plantation Teak,or White Teak, much more high end to witstand all weather)
  • Wood Finishes: Cherry, Maple, Oak, ....
  • Leather :
    • Basic Bonded Leather
    • Leather 1 Up Charge
    • Leather 2 Up Charge